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"...decisions determine destiny, not circumstances!"

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DODM International Ministry!

"decisions determine destiny, not your circumstances"

Decisions Or Destiny, Inc (DODM) is a non-profit 501 C 3 organization, headquartered in Richmond, VA with an office in Valdosta, GA.


DODM partners with other non-profit organizations, churches, government agencies and small businesses up and down the east coast assisting low-income families, senior citizens, youth homes, shelters, single parents and children of inmates in correctional facilities in Virginia.

Mission Statement

Equipping the Body of Yeshua (Christ) the Messiah by partnering with Pastors, Elders and Overseers serving as a "Paraclete Ministry" ordained by YAHWEH, affirmed by the GREAT *PARACLETE,himself HOLY SPIRIT.


KINGDOM building and OUTREACH uniting Believers, ONE GOD, ONE BODY and  ONE MESSIAH. Praying daily for GOD'S anointed and appointed covenant leaders on the front-lines dedicated to speaking the UNCONTAMINATED and UNADULTERATED TRUES of OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

* Paraclete - [Grk. Par'a'kletos from paralalein: para, to, and kalein, to call] an advocate; one called to aid or support; a consoler, comforter, or intercessor; hence in The Body of Believers, Holy Spirit.

DODM mentors and nurtures maturing Believers and Leaders in Biblical principles with the guidance of HOLY SPIRIT. Understanding that "WE" are One Body, in YESHUA (Christ). We do not maintain "memberships", herein, all Believers remain with their local assemblies, where they continue to fulfill their GOD-GIVEN ASSIGNMENTS.


DODM ministers to young ladies ages 11-21 their  "I Feel Beautiful Project Empowerment Weekend"  program and to young men ages 11-21 through their Boy2Man Rights of Passage program


KIT-KAT Outreach serves women in transition, former inmates and recovering substance abusers.  
Bridging DA GAP is seniors connecting with youth; the elderly and young adults both benefit from the bonds formed during their assigned projects.


COLOURED GURLZ SET FREE ministers to women who suffer from low self-esteem, who have experienced rejection, bound to sexual addiction, domestic violence or oppressed by a poverty spirit/ mentality.


Naked And Not Ashamed (NANA) called to the remnant of Believers who heard the sound of the Shofar. "...Who has stood in the inner circle of the MOST HIGH GOD, heard HIS words, and obeyed Jer 23:18." Standing as Prophetic Oracles "crying loud and sparing not."
TRUTH SPOKEN Ministries (TSM) is for the Spiritually Mature Believer, a study of the mysteries of YAHWEH. TSM focuses  on tearing down  strongholds and finding inner healing. TSM Supply Believers with the tools needed to effectively ID THE ENEMY and Restoration of Believers back to Abba Father.






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